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Web Applications

From concept to finished application, we can handle design, prototype and development for your brand new web app.

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Tech SEO

Search Engine Optimization, the techinical aspect. The fine tuning all websites needs to go higher.

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Mauricio amorim locaweb
Mauricio Amorim Locaweb

The talent and commitment of the Wakai staff has always made the difference. The focus on quality code delivery and the vision about our goal as a whole, saved time and money for our projects.

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Paulo bettio newhous
Paulo Bettio NewHaus

We found the ideal partner for online project development! <br> Wakai is proactive, assertive and just in time! Rigorous on its processes and always committed to the goals we have with our customers.

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Andre barro badabum
André Barro Badabum

What surprises us when working with Wakai is the transparency and overwall, the professionalism they bring to our product Badabum. Things hard to find nowadays.

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